20 minute face lift

I’ll admit it:  I love doing the laundry.  I know, I know, it’s odd, but I’ve always loved fabrics and the smell of clean clothes, so it’s not too far-fetched at all.  So because I spend lots of time in the laundry room,  I’ve also always spent a lot of time making sure that space in my home is nice.  I recently saw this idea on Pinterest–somebody painted the existing hardware of a light fixture and swapped out the glass part of the light with a vintage-style schoolhouse light.  It turns out these vintage-style parts are readily available in the big box stores, and reasonably priced as well.  $4 later, I had just what I needed to transform this:


into this:


by just doing this:


After removing the glass globe and the bulb, I unscrewed the fixture itself from the bracket that held it into the ceiling, taped off the surrounds, and gave it a quick coat of flat black paint–mine happened to be some old automotive Rustoleum, but plain old flat black spray paint would work every bit as well, plus it’s about the cheapest paint you can buy.  This project took me twenty minutes start to finish.  Now, wasn’t that easy?


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