Catching summer in a jar

Catching summer in a jar

One sure way to to capture the goodness of a ripe peach is to turn it into jelly; think of how delicious this will be spread on a warm piece of fresh bread during the doldrums of winter!

Making jelly is a very simple process. I use a “water bath” to preserve acidic foods–and most summer fruits fall into that category. Using ripe fruit, sugar, commercially-produced pectin and an inexpensive water bather canner, you can have six or seven beautiful little jars of jelly, jam or preserves in practically no time at all. And if canning just isn’t your thing, freezer jam is an even simpler option.

Take that leap into water bath canning–you’ll never look back!


About The Herb Lady

Welcome! We live on a beautiful little farm in rural Oregon. "Home" is a 100 year-old farmhouse, made of tongue and groove old growth cedar walls one foot thick. And yes, it's brown. But the real Little Brown House is a log cabin on our property built by Sam Barlow, who traveled across this great continent on the Oregon Trail in the mid-1800s. We look out the same window he looked out, we run our hands along bunks made of hand-hewn wood, as he might have done. We keep our home-canned goodies in the cool, near-darkness on the shelves of that cabin, much as folks have done for the past 150 years. It's a great place to store our root vegetables, and our well-worn gardening tools. We grow herbs--culinary, medicinal and tea--in commercial-sized greenhouses, which are bordered by an heirloom apple orchard, enormous gardens and pastures, and a greenhouse devoted to winter crops for our family's use. This blog is partly a diary of our days and a way to share our hard-won experience... but mostly it's a means to connect with other kindred spirits, like you. Enjoy!
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