A Copper-Covered Vase…for pennies

I had two really ugly vases–don’t we all?–and decided that this was the day that I’d give them both a face lift.  I saw this adorable idea on Pinterest:  paint the vase black and hot-glue pennies to the exterior of the vase.  Seemed simple enough, even for me.  So I started by spray painting both vases flat black.  Ohhh–look at that relief on vase #2!  I’m keeping that one as is.  But the smaller one, THAT would receive a new copper coat.


So I got out the jar of old pennies and my faithful hot glue gun.  Starting at the top, I simply worked my way down–round and around I went…


…until it was all covered.  And that’s it.  Isn’t it pretty?




Here’s how the “new” vases look in their new home (not the back of the butler’s pantry, where they’ve lived for the last 10 years).  Once all the leaves have fallen off the dogwood, I’ll trim some of those branches and display them in the black vase–perfect for fall!  Do you have some old pennies just laying around?






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