Herb & Sugar Body Scrub


A couple of weeks ago, I harvested lemon verbena.  I typically use lemon verbena in tea and in potpourri, but today I wanted to show you how to make an elegant lemon verbena body scrub–for pennies.  You could actually use any number of sweet-smelling herbs, but I used the verbena because most people find it very gentle and well-tolerated when used on the skin, and it has a lovely scent!


First I plucked the leaves from the lemon verbena stems and put as many of them as I could into a glass canning jar.  Next I filled the canning jar with olive oil–which has been used for centuries for softening and nourishing skin–and I screwed a lid on the jar… and waited for several weeks, allowing the lemon verbena to steep in the oil.


For this next step, you’ll need a container to catch the strained oil infusion, a funnel, and your herb-steeped oil.  Place the funnel in the container, and pour leaves and oil into the container; notice that the leaves of the lemon verbena are large enough that I didn’t need to use a mesh screen for straining.  I allowed the oil to drain naturally into the container overnight.


To make the sugar scrub, you’ll need approximately as much sugar as you have infused oil, a 1-1 mixture.


I started with two cups of sugar in the bowl, then poured the infused oil into the bowl.


I stirred the mixture, then added a bit more sugar, until the consistency of the scrub was very similar to applesauce.  I used a couple of generous dollops in the shower this morning, and was delighted with the results!  Consider whipping up a batch–using lemon verbena or your favorite scented herb.




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